ExtrusionBot: The Personal Filament Maker

No matter what kind of 3D printer you own, you will need filament.

That's why we've created the ExtrusionBot!

The ExtrusionBot isn't just any filament extruder; it's the filament extruder. ExtrusionBot is packed with features that make it stand far above the competition when it comes to personal filament makers. Additionally, when you couple that innovation with our one-of-a-kind colorants there’s no end to the possibilities! What will you create next?

Here are just a few of the many amazing features of the ExtrusionBot:

  • Smallest footprint of any filament extruder on the market: 8” x 8” x 23” (L x W x H)
  • A spooling mechanism so you don’t have to extrude your filament into a tangled mess on the floor.
  • Swap nozzles in just a few easy steps!

Most of all, however,                                                          The ExtrusionBot will:


One spool of filament can cost up to $40/kg or more. Why not save that money? The ExtrusionBot can make the same spool for just a few dollars in pellets!



ExtrusionBot can run at speeds of up to 3 feet per minute! Never run out of filament again; with ExtrusionBot you can produce as much filament as you want in any diameter you want!

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ExtrusionBot, LLC's New Colorants save you time and money!

·         Compatible with both ABS and PLA pellets.

·         No more purchasing separate color pellets for each type of resin being used!

·         No need to hassle with switching between ABS and PLA pellets for each new color!

We have been working hard to develop new products to help our customers increase productivity and efficiency here at ExtrusionBot, LLC. Our new colorants were specially formulated to be compatible with both ABS and PLA natural pellets interchangeably. The current colors available for purchase are Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Fluorescent Yellow. Additional colors are currently being tested.

 Place your order today, Units are ready and shipping now!! 

Offering Worldwide Service

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Documents Available for Download:

Owners Manual:


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